Wilson Street – Proposed DA for 5 Storey 231 Room Student Accommodation opposite CarriageWorks

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Wilson Street – Proposed DA for 5 Storey 231 Room Student Accommodation opposite CarriageWorks

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Proposal for 5 Storey Student Accommodation ‘Boarding House’ with 231 rooms

25-47 Wilson Lane (260 – 314 Wilson Street)



Applicant – Scape  (UK based)



DA Application – Outline


Proposed Building

Site Area   2583m2

FSR   2:1  (per application)

GFA 5166m2 (per application)

Rooms 231

Floors   5 Storeys (1 underground) -SydneyDCP2012 only allows 3 Storeys

Height 13.2 meters

Purpose Student Accommodation

BCA Building Class 3

Notes of interest for surrounding residents:

  • SydneyDCP2012 only allows 3 Storeys for this block of land.
  • Main entry point will be from Wilson Street even though the DA address is stated as Wilson Lane.
  • They plan to remove all existing trees. This includes two trees on the protected tree list and 11 trees considered of ‘high retention value’.
  • Current design plans show no setback from the Wilson Street footpath which is not in keeping with surrounding architecture. Plans also show an ‘overhang’ over the Wilson Street footpath from the second floor. Developer’s claims that this is in keeping with plans for the proposed “North Eveleigh” Wilson St. facing Apartments are untrue as that proposal stipulates a setback from the footpath.
  • Design renderings shows shrubs along Wilson St. frontage at ground level yet this is not possible without a setback.
  • No onsite Vehicle Parking is included in the plans. Drop Off, Vehicular Service and Delivery access points are not shown. Note – City of Sydney does allow street Car Parking permits for such developments.
  • Roof is not of a linear steeped design (flat 45 degree) in keeping with surrounding residences.
  • Winter Solstice Solar Diagrams, in relation to the communal open space, do not take into account the 6 m high rear wall and staircase along Wilson Lane to the lower level floor. This would add a 9 meter shadow at Midday June 21.
  • It will double the amount disruption due to bi-weekly rubbish collection necessary for the volume of waste created. (via Wilson Lane)
  • The Residential Development is cloaked within the application as being a ‘Boarding House’. This gives the developers planning privileges including: Increased Floor Space (increased allowable apartment numbers), Decreased Private Open Space, No onsite Car Parking, Smaller Studio Apartment sizes. Cloaked as a Boarding House the allowable floor space (FSR)  increases from 1.5:1 to 2.0:1.


  • Demand the development remains 3 storeys as per City of Sydney Planning Controls.
  • Demand that Scape outline their Market and Subsidised rental pricing for the proposed ‘mini’ studio style apartments to ensure that it qualifies under the Affordable Housing and Boarding House Guidelines.
  • That the SEPP65 planning guidelines should apply to this BCA Class 3 Development.  (SEPP 65 defines residential flat buildings as including three or more storeys and four or more self-contained dwellings. The Studios are essentially all self contained each containing kitchen and bathroom facilities.) NSW Planning and Environment “Supporting new Generation Boarding Houses – 2014”
  • Demand that Floor Space Ratio to be retained at 1.5:1. The rest of Wilson Street between Golden Grove St and Shepherd Street is defined as 1.25:1. 
  • Demand a DA notice to be placed on public display both on Wilson Street and Wilson Lane. (It currently resides in a little moticed stairwell of the existing building!) Some residents of the current building have not been notified of the proposed application.
  • Demand that the Wilson Street frontage is set back at least 2 meters as plans are not consistent with the current character of Wilson Street or the proposed Urban Growth development on the other side of Wilson Street.
  • Find a way to retain the trees that are on the protected list (tree no 17 and 35). Arboricultural Report shows 11 trees with ‘HIGH’ retention value.
  • As per council requirements all owners, tenants and occupiers of this building are advised that it is the Policy of Council that they are not eligible to participate in any existing or proposed Council on-street resident parking schemes.
  • Amend the proposed 10pm lockout of rooftop area to 9pm Sunday to Friday. Currently 10pm 7 Days.
  • The development needs to demonstrate that the proposal is considerate of the heritage and aesthetic and community ethos of the street and neighbourhood.  The current design does not show visual respect to the surrounding area and does not have a positive impact on the streetscape.
  • Parking requirements – ARHSEPP requires  0.2 car spaces per boarding room;  At least one parking space provided for each person employed in connection with the development and who is resident on the site. This area can also be used for vehicular Services / Delivery / Dropoffs as no area is currently allocated.

The developments this company has undertaken in other parts of the world could not be considered affordable housing.  It will at best be semi affordable housing stock for the 15m2 offerings. In Darlington these developers are taking advantage of current government policy to encourage affordable housing developments without any undertaking that they will alleviate rent stress by offering boarding house style affordable accommodation to those in the community that actually require it (Generally this kind of student housing will be marketed toward international students). We question the companies motives in creating an extremely high density development with little regard for the amenity of the suburb nor the liveability of the eventual development. 

The application is incomplete and lacks:-

    • Environmental impact statement
    • Design Verification Statement (required for residential building 3 or more storeys in height)
    • BASIX certificate  (required for new residential dwelling)
    • Construction management Plan
    • Outline of Section 94 Developer Contributions

Why does the application say “no” s the current land used for low cost accommodation as it is clearly being used at the moment at low cost to its inhabitants.


Submissions must be received by council prior to the exhibition closing date. If you wish to make a submission please read the development comments and objections.

Siobhan Fox-Roberts

Viewing the original documents

You may view the original hard copy during the exhibition period by visiting any of the City’s Neighbourhood Service Centre.

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