North Eveleigh Precinct Plans

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March 2016 Plan

Storyboards from the community showing at carriageworks in April 2016 can be viewed here (LINK)


Comparison of the 2008 Plan and the 2015 Plan


North Eveleigh Approved Plan

North Eveleigh 2008 Approved amended ConceptPlan

Note regarding the 2008 ‘Approved’ Concept Plan –  the so called adopted NE Concept Plan of 2008 ignored that the community meeting prior to that had unanimously resolved that it should be deterred until a comprehensive traffic study was done. It was adopted by an internal process by the Dept of Planning with no public access – and it substantially ignored public concerns including those made by the City of Sydney. 

The main concession it made was to incorporate the west end park – that had been committed by Sartor when minister for planning – in return for putting in the bigger park, they jacked up the height of buildings from the submitted concept plan – 8 storeys – it went up to 12 .


Urban Growth – North Eveleigh Document Library 2015


Latest Update from Urban Growth


City Of Sydney Responses to Urban Growth Plans