New Banners – Feb 2016

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New Banners – Feb 2016

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We have x2 new Banner designs available.

At 3000×750 mm the Banners are designed for horizontal balcony positioning. Alternatively there are a few Vertical banners as well (see designs below).

Let us know if you can place one of these on your property to help assist spread the word and SaveYourSkies.

Ideally we want a banner on each corner along Wilson Street. Flyers will go out soon to promote the cause and to drum up support for the forthcoming Petition.













March 30, 2016at 9:52 am

Your petition page is not working. I would also like to buy a banner.



March 30, 2016at 10:28 am

Hi Bips,
Can you describe what you are seeing with the Petition Page not working pls.
That great you want to buy a banner, would you like a Vertical one or a Horizontal one?
I just sent you email with my contact details.


April 1, 2016at 6:48 am

‘The petition is still being tweaked and will be released next week on the 11 March .’

Also I noticed that there was traffic monitoring put in at the corner of Burren and Albert st & Wilson & Goldern grove st just before the Easter break, it’s not there now. I hope it was not to work out normal volumes of traffic around here. I can’t believe you would put in a traffic study. When a lot of people are going to extend there break to either side of Easter.
There was a survey on the trains at Macdonald town today. I liked the ladies answer to one of the questions she was answering. she made the point that the tunnel gets very crowded at peak hour and thought it needed to be wider to cope with the volume. Just wait until all of this is built……..



    April 1, 2016at 10:46 pm

    Good Note about the traffic monitoring.
    Re the Petition, we have been following a moving target with the ongoing changes to the proposed plans which has to date been making it difficult to come up with a consise Petition that remains relevant. This weekends showing of the public plans should give us the current overview to create a directed petition.

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