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North Eveleigh – Urban Growth NSW applies for ‘ReZoning’ of NE area – Oct 2017

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Oct 2017 – Urban Growth applies for Rezoning of the North Eveleigh West land area, proposing a new framework to facilitate an increase in existing building heights and FSR (Floor Space Ratio) to allow for up to 700 Dwellings on the 2.9 hectare land parcel adjacent to Carriageworks.


Purpose of study:

Investigate preparation of a new planning framework for the North Eveleigh West site, part of the Redfern – Waterloo Authority Sites State Significant Precinct (SSP), to facilitate an increase in the existing buildings heights and FSRs to allow development of up to 700 dwellings.

NSW Planning website “Study Requirements” can be found Here.

The declaration of this SSP is the mechanism used by Urban Growth NSW to reset the planning controls of the area. The current controls are set within the “State Environmental Planning Policy (State Significant Precincts) 2005” under the RWA Redfern Waterloo Authority which permits:


Allowable Building Heights      – 10 STOREYS

Allowable Floor Space Ratio     – 2:1 

We know from prior UrbanGrowthNSW communications that they are pressing for building heights as large as 20 Storeys with an adjusted FSR of up to 6.1:1 for some of the proposed “Superlots”.

The Study Requirements document list the Key Requirements and studies that UGNSW must address to be able to potentially change the planning restrictions currently in place.

Next Steps:

Once a final proposal that addresses all of the study requirements is lodged with the Department of Planning and Environment, this proposal will be publicly exhibited and the community will be invited to make formal submissions. The Department will consider all public submissions in assessing the proposal.

Stealing Our Skies will keep you updated with developments on this regard.

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